Jesse Cling - AK47 Application

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Jesse Cling - AK47 Application

Post  Jante on Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:41 am

Character name:Jesse Cling
Cell Number:Server Locked I cant see
Address:Server Locked I cant see
Guns requested & amount:AK47 - 5 Ammo
Faction{If Any}:Blood Brothers
Reason for the guns[Long Answer]:I have illegal faction and we are kidnapping,robbing etc. things and we need a gun . Because
many people have got a gun , they can kill my team , and Colt 45 , Shotgun etc. guns are very bad guns, we need professional guns.
Do you agree, if the guns are used for death matching purposes, they will be deleted? Yes/No : Yes,

if you will be accept , ı will be happy Smile


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