Aaron Quinn Gun application

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Aaron Quinn Gun application

Post  x Aaron Quinn x on Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:06 pm

Tick one of the following:

[ ]$25,000 || Los Santos Police Department
[ ]$05,000 || Government of Los Santos (Self-Sponsered)
[ ]$00,000 || San Andreas Police Department (SAPD Sponsership)
[ ]$05,000 || Los Santos Emergency Services (SAPD Sponsership)
[ ]$05,000 || First Court of San Andreas

[ ]$05,000 || Los Santos International Airport (SAPD Sponsership)
[ ]$10,000 || San Andreas Network
[ ]$05,000 || Hex Tow 'n Go (SAPD Sponsership)

[ ]$25,000 || Standard Firearm License (Civilian)


Phase I - General Information

Full Name: Aaron Quinn
Age: 18
Phone Number: #48977


Phase II - Extended Information

1. Why are you applying for a firearm Permit? To protect myself if i am in danger

[B]2. What will you use these firearms for? I will lose firearms for protections and maybe hunt some times

[B]3. If accepted, where will you store this firearm? In my car

[B]4.Please explain a situation where you would pull out your firearm. ((Long Answer - 50 words))If i was walking down the street and someone try to rob me so i would shoot him in the leg and try to get away. I wouldn't want to kill him, but if he keep trying to put my life in danger i might have to if he gives me no other outcome.

[B]5. Please explain a situation where you would not pull your firearm out, but call 911. ((Long Answer - 50 words)) if i seen some someone or a group of people beating on someone or robbing someone i would stay out of site and call 911 and let them handle it. Instead of trying to be the hero and probably get me and the other person killed or put in the hospital.


[B]Phase III - Summarized Agreement

By filling out this application you AGREE to not misuse the firearms in any way. You also understand that your criminal history will be checking into to verify that your not a convicted felon.

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Gun License Anserw

Post  Mathies_Salieri on Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:57 am

Your Gun License is Accepted . I want that you accept all rules in apply.


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