Street Drifters

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Street Drifters

Post  Niko on Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:09 am


it's Street drifters, it's maked from one guy who was very nice drifter, Big Pro..
Now he come live to Los Santos,- he's name is Niko..He comes here with Big Friend, he's Like a brother,he's name -Dzefs.
They come here, with big money, and Fast,tuned Drifter Cars..And they not only Drifters., they are using/selling Drugs., Guns.,and they Like Blood.
When Niko been Small, when he have 9 years, he was drove with Real Car.,and a bit later he was a drifter.
They aren't bad, but when someone do that- shoot, abuse.. Then they are angry, and they can kill ..

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