Sasha Belij ` Factions Request. :)

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Sasha Belij ` Factions Request. :)

Post  Sasha.B on Mon Mar 04, 2013 5:56 am

Name of your Faciton - Bratva Mafia.

Detailed Description of your faction -
The Mafia has arisen from the film Brigade, the movie is old, in 2000.
I love this movie so well i'm creating the Mafia.
Other servers have had the Mafia to name - bratva mafia.
The main character is - Sasha Belij.
The Mafia is very popular, and the film is popular.
And the Mafia is in Russian, but I am a Latvian, but I know very well the Russian language.
I do like the Mafia, and I hope that I will give me ..

These occupations are mafias - Illegal arms trafficking, drug trafficking, robbery, shootings.

Is your faction Legal, Illegal, or Government? - Illegal.


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