James_Bullet's Weapons Licenses Application.

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James_Bullet's Weapons Licenses Application.

Post  Gangst0r on Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:15 am

Tick one of the following:

[ ]$25,000 || Los Santos Police Department
[ ]$05,000 || Government of Los Santos (Self-Sponsered)
[ ]$00,000 || San Andreas Police Department (SAPD Sponsership)
[ ]$05,000 || Los Santos Emergency Services (SAPD Sponsership)
[ ]$05,000 || First Court of San Andreas

[ ]$05,000 || Los Santos International Airport (SAPD Sponsership)
[ ]$10,000 || San Andreas Network
[ ]$05,000 || Hex Tow 'n Go (SAPD Sponsership)

[ ]$25,000 || Standard Firearm License (Civilian)


Phase I - General Information

Full Name: James_Bullet
Age: 24
Phone Number: #Havent bought one yet. Dont have time for it.


Phase II - Extended Information

1. Why are you applying for a firearm Permit?[/B Im tired of getting DMed and lose my Guns and Ammo Packs...]

[B]2. What will you use these firearms for?[/B Abselout Self Defence...]

[B]3. If accepted, where will you store this firearm?[/B In my House Safe..]

[B]4.Please explain a situation where you would pull out your firearm. ((Long Answer - 50 words))[/B Well i would pull an firearm out if there comes a Robber... And try'es to rob me.. Than i could Pull a firearm out RPly... And if i Fail than ill just let him rob me.. Or whatever he does to me..]

[B]5. Please explain a situation where you would not pull your firearm out, but call 911. ((Long Answer - 50 words))[/B I would call 911 If ill see a Huge mafia Robbing a Bank or whatever theyre always Doing. ]


[B]Phase III - Summarized Agreement

By filling out this application you AGREE to not misuse the firearms in any way. You also understand that your criminal history will be checking into to verify that your not a convicted felon.I will not Abuse my Firearms any how...


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