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Black Organization Faction Request

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Black Organization Faction Request Empty Black Organization Faction Request

Post  Angelo1 Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:15 am

So you want to become a faciton..

First we require you to RP as an un official faction before we will even consider you to be official..

Official status is awarded if your RP Standard is high enough, and your faction is active.

Make a new thread with the following information about your faction, and it will remain until you are reviewed.
Name of your Faciton: Black Organization
Detailed Description of your faction: All vehicles are painted Black. The Faction Is a Organization of Criminals that do illegal things such us Bounty Hunting, Kidnap For Ransom, Robbery, Car nap etc.((More In the Story))
Pictures of your faction members RPing are a Plus: Still inprogress. I'll upload it later.
Is your faction Legal, Illegal, or Government?: Illegal, Mafia.

|| Story ||

Ones theres a criminal that is arrested and jailed. While he was in the jail he met other criminals and made them as friends. They are all inside the jail for long time. They got tired of being inside and decided to escape the jail. The night comes, The time that they will plan to escape. One of them act that his very sick so a cop opens the cell. The time the cop came in, They attack him with a knife. The other criminals are sleep. While they are running on the main way, They woke up the other prisoners. They took the key from the cop's pocket and open the cells. They also took the cop's Colt45 handgun and shoot the other cops. They made it out of the jail. They go to the garage Unseen. A cop is coming out of the garage. They attack the cop and took it's gun. The two people with guns enters the garage and shoot the other cops. The Emergency Alarms started to make noise. They stole police cars and drive out of the station. They decided to make an Organization which they do crimes together. They call it The Black Organization. Now they doing crimes such as Bank Robbering etc.


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