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Gun license application.

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Gun license application. Empty Gun license application.

Post  Honqqis Sat Mar 30, 2013 2:45 pm

Full Name: Otto Lewis
Age: 31
Gender: Male


Phase II - Extended Information

1. Why are you applying for a firearm Permit? For Protecting myself and my friends.

2. What will you use these firearms for? Protect myself if im getting robbed.

3. If accepted, where will you store this firearm? In my house's safe or in my car.

4.Please explain a situation where you would pull out your firearm. ((Long Answer - 50 words)) I will pull it out if someone is going to rob me. Also if someone is in trouble i will try to help much as i can and try to get robbers away from him.

5. Please explain a situation where you would not pull your firearm out, but call 911. ((Long Answer - 50 words)) If someone crashes me and is running away without RPing or is saying something bad to me. But when someone shoots at me i will going to shoot back with RP of course.


Phase III - Summarized Agreement
By filling out this application you AGREE to not misuse the firearms in any way. You also understand that yodeur criminal history will be checking into to verify that your not a convicted felon.


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