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Gates - Request TEMPLATE

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Gates - Request TEMPLATE Empty Gates - Request TEMPLATE

Post  Admin Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:58 am

Gates - Request TEMPLATE

Scripted gates are gates that makes you access your property without any curious person following you. It's a safety to keep muggers out.
Gates take time to script and are a DONATOR PERK. The price per gate is 10 vpoints, if you don't have vpoints or not enough vpoints, your request will be automaticly denied.

If you already have an existing gate and like to move it. The fee is 3 vPoints per gate that you'd like to be moved.

Make a new Thread with the following syntax:
[tag New Gate/ Move Gate][Account name] - Gate request

More Info:
(A gate is the item of your choice, can be a barrier like at LSPD, or a Fence like at SAN. Get your own Item ID out of Map Editor to know exactly what you want)

Account Name:
Current vPoints:

Character name:
Requesting amount of gates.
Gate type: [personal/faction]
(if faction) Faction name:

(if personal) Security type: [passworded, custom command, House key]

Screenshot of the location where you'd like to have it:

You can go to the map editor and place the gates where you'd like to have them.
You can find the .map file in MTA directory/server/mods/deathmatch/resources/*name of your map*
Post the code below:

Anything you'd like to add?:
Once the request has been done, the gates will be added and the points will be automatically taken from your account. The points are NOT RECOVERABLE!


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