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Admin Application - Rafik Alarousi

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Admin Application - Rafik Alarousi Empty Admin Application - Rafik Alarousi

Post  NiTrO Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:18 am

Account Name:NiTrO
Main Character:Rafik Alarousi
Real Life Name:Rafik
Real Life Age:18
Country You Live In:USA
State (USA only):California
Time Zone:-8 UTC
Do you use Vent, Have an account, and a Working Microphone? :If so, Please list your account name. No
Do you use Skype? : if so, please list your account Name NiTrO-MTA

Are you currently a member of our staff here at Ultra Gaming Roleplay? (IE: Vent Admin, Forum Admin, GameMaster, Etc.) No
Are you currently, or have you ever been a member of staff at any other MTA Server? Yes Dicegaming was Head-admin
Have you ever played any other servers (Maybe someone will know you better from there) ? Yes uG, Alot of players and admin from there know me.
Do you know any of our staff personally, that we can contact for a personal referral for you?

Have you ever Hacked, Attacked, or DDOSed any game before? No

What makes you feel qualified to be an admin vs. everyone else here at Ultra Gaming Roleplay? (Long Answer) Well, i have a long experiance on the adminduty, was admin in alot of server Was head in dicegaming, and GM in rootgaming, actually vG, and each restart of dicegaming was admin, and iam trying to be admin in first restart of the Ultra Gaming !

If you are given admin, What is one of your goals to Better, Correct, or Focus on? (Long Answer) pirat Will make a RP school in first as lot of players dosin't know how to RP and the common sence, And break the off rulers in second to make server fun and no cheats, and help the other admins on the reports, and make it easy on the admin team, and the owner, also will help to figure the bugs and the glitches in server to keep the server safe and secure, also would soon get DDos protection to the server, i know a friend can send me it, iam sure i'll get it soon.

Do you posses any skills that may make you useful here? (IE: management of MTA Servers, or PHP language) Got 3 languages, English,arabic,french... And sure was admin in alot of servers soo, i got what it takes

Please Restate Three of our Rules, and describe in your own words what they mean:
1.No DM [ killing other players without reason ]
2.No MG [ Using OOC information in IC, like /pm rafik come to IGS ]
3.No PG [ Its forcing Roleplay on sombody, you have to give every player a chance to react ]

Now, Take those three rules, and tell me what you would do if someone broke those rules. (These do no determine if you are admin or not, they simply determine your skill level)
1. 1st Offense: Infrom him that he's breaking rules and learn him the right thing
1. 2nd Offense: Infrom him that he's breaking rules and learn him the right thing
1. 3rd Offense: Infrom him that he's breaking rules and learn him the right thing

2. 1st Offense: Jail
2. 2nd Offense: Jail
2. 3rd Offense: Jail

3. 1st Offense: Jail+Warn
3. 2nd Offense: Jail+Warn
3. 3rd Offense: Jail+Warn

Any additional information you would like to add to your application? No

Would you be willing to share any personal info: (IE: MSN, email, Cell #, Etc.) BoOoM _ XzZ @ hotmail. com

If you are not accepted for admin, would you like this application to be forwarded and considered for GM instead? Nope I really want to be admin

Do you agree that providing False information on this application will result in permanent ban of all of your accounts at our community? I Agree


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