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Mike Brown - Admin Application's

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Mike Brown - Admin Application's Empty Mike Brown - Admin Application's

Post  7moodx5 Sat Mar 02, 2013 12:43 am

Ingame Name:Mike Brown
Main Character:7moodx5
Real Life Name:Mike Brown
Real Life Age:16
Country You Live In: Australia

How many alts do you have?: 1, might make more

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being Poor, and 10 being excellent, Rate your RP level:10

Are you willing to teach players who do not understand, how to roleplay?:Yes.Ofc

Do you currently play any other Roleplay Servers?:Yes.But I Play That roleplay server before not now i play UltragamingRoleplay now.

Please define and answer the following in your own words.

What is Roleplaying?:Playing along with other people, acting out the situation. Like if you got in a car crash, you wouldn't just drive away in real life! Act it out in game, as if it were real life.

What is Metagaming?Knowing things, that your character doesn't actually know. Like if you just met a person for the first time IC, you won't know their name. So don't say it!

What is Powergaming?:Acting like superman, like you have extraordinary powers. You can't just dodge someone throwing a punch behind you, because you don't see it coming! And you can't just knock someone out in one punch, it's not normal.

What is Deathmatching?:Punching and fighting in character, without any roleplay. You have to roleplay punching and hitting, and occasionally use animations. Don't actually click the mouse button and punch people.

What is Revenge Killing?:After you get PK'd (Player killed) it's like running back to where you died and killing the person. When you respawn, you lose your memory of how you die! So don't go back trying to kill him just because you know it OOC.

What is Hacking?:Hacking can be various thing, like third party softawares, and cheats. You cannot cheat and give yourself unlimited health, or a crapload of money. It's also exploiting glitches to your advantage. Find a glitch? Report it.
How well would you say you get along with other players?:Pretty well, as long as they really don't piss me off. Other than that I get along really well.

Any additional information you would like to add to your application?
Not really, I've actually been playing a lot recently! A lot! Nearly all day (no life i know :3)

Please Restate Three of our Rules, and describe in your own words what they mean:
1.You may not randomly death mach Do not kill another character without a good reason and you must be able to explain to an administrator how you had a valid reason.
2.You may not metagame; use information acquired Out Of Character (OOC), In-Character (IC.)
3.You may not cheat in any way, nor use exploits in the gamemode to receive special benefits or bother other players.

Now, Take those three rules, and tell me what you would do if someone broke those rules. (These do no determine if you are admin or not, they simply determine your skill level)
1. 1st Offense:I would not dm back of course he would be forgiven frist time if hes a new comer.
1. 2nd Offense:i would jail him for a fine amount of time to learn his leason
1. 3rd Offense:if keeps doing deathmatching i would release a ban hammer on him and ban him for one day if he keeps doing the same after that a parament ban.

2. 1st Offense:Frist i would give that player a chance force him to read the rules again
2. 2nd Offense:if he keeps doing metagame taking info from occ i would jail him and force to read the rules again
2. 3rd Offense:if that does not work a parament ban its no worth keeping a player who does not know basics of rp

3. 1st Offense:Frist would be a kick after the player comes back i would tell the player to turn that off
3. 2nd Offense:kick him then jail him again asking to turn that off..
3. 3rd Offense:Ban him Permenet


Thank you


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