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Post  ttacir99 Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:31 am

Your In Game Names: Kerim Tuncay Tacir - Marcus Cling
Country : Turkey
Your real lfe Age: 16
Date of Birth: 05/02/1996

How long have you been on UltraGamingRoleplay ?: I have been playing Dice Roleplay, however it got closed and since it re-opened, I restarted playing this great server.

What is your timezone?: GMT +2

Have you ever been banned for hacking in any server?: Nope, hacking is only for children, indeed.

Have you ever been jailed/kicked in UltraGaming roleplay server?:If so, why?: No I have not been jailed neither got kicked.

Have you been an Admin on any other server? Give names?: I have been a Gamemaster in the Velo Gaming Roleplay, Lead Admin in Tiga Gaming Roleplay, thus, I have former experience on administration.
You have played in any other roleplay server?: Yes I did, I played on Velo Gaming ; I had over 20 hours, I played in New York RP, I played in United Gaming, also on Tiga Roleplay and lastly, I have played MTA:RP, I have over 200 hours in that server.

Why do you want to become Admin? I would like to become an administrator here in dice roleplay, because as I started playing this server, I have noticed that the roleplay in the server has room to be expanded. The scripts are very good indeed, a little bit spice of hardcore would make this server one of the best in MTA. Also, I have an administration experience, which would add a bit bitter spice to the server. Therefore, it would be a win to both sides, to me to be an admin here. Because, you'd have an admin with 3 years of roleplay experience and 1 year of administration experience and I'd be an admin, and expand the roleplay ability and capability in this server. Thus, the main reason to me to be an admin here is that I'd improve the general roleplaying ability of the whole server.

What does an Admin do here?: An admin generally helps the player in the game with administration jobs, such as administrating the roleplays, jails the ones who break the rules, and etc. Also another job for the admin is to decide whether a roleplay is valid or not. Although, higher level administration does things such as vehicle requests, interior requests, character kill requests etc. Another job of admins is that, admins accept the incoming reports from the normal players, then simply help them with their report. Guide them about the server etc.

What is the maximum admin jailtime?: The jailtime depends on the rule that player broke. It would be around 10-15 minutes, if a player broke a minor rule, such as Non-RP, MG, PG, RK, DM, etc.
However, if a player abuses a bug, alt to alt transfers or wiretransfers cash, then he would get a longer jail, around 30-40 minutes.

What is Mean Revenge kill?: Revenge killing means, when someone RP'ly kills you, you spawn back at the hospital. If you go to the SAME RP and kill the exact same person that you killed you, that is Revenge Killing, and this is not allowed, cause when you respawn back, RP'ly you'd forget everything happened for a limited time, and you cannot return to the same roleplay.

What you understand about Roleplay? Metagaming? Powergaming?:
-Roleplaying refers to the changing of one's behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role.

-Metagaming is to use Out of Character information in the In Character, for example reading the name tags, or private messaging someone about your whereabouts would be an example for this.
Example : PM Sent to James Boyd (4) : Yo' meet me at the IGS mate
PM From James Boyd (4) : Sure, lol, I'll be there in a minute.
See, it is metagame, cause the player has sent a PM to James Boyd about his whereabouts.

- Powergaming has three meanings. 1, is to force someone to a roleplay.
Example: *Adam Lester lifts his right hand up, forming it into a fist, then punches Tuncay in the face*
This is wrong, cause Adam FORCED Tuncay to roleplay the fist, whilst Tuncay had the chance to react.
Right one : *Adam Lester lifts his right hand up, forming it into a fist, then ATTEMPTS to punch Tuncay in the face*
*S/F* ((Adam Lester))
This example is right, because Adam did not forced Tuncay to RP this.

2, is to act like a rambo, doing supernatural stuff.
Example: 4 police just tazed you, and you just stand up, and start to beat the shit outta those cops, NO this is PowerGaming, you're NOT a rambo, you cannot do this in real lifre.

3, is to roleplay the items you do not possess.
Example : You do not own a Glock 17, but you do *You would see a Glock 17, holstered at Tuncay's belt* ((Kerim Tuncay Tacir)) this is not allowed, cause you just roleplayed the item that you did not really posses.

What do the terms 'IC' and 'OOC' mean?: IC refers to In Character, which means the stuff your character knows, does etc.
OOC refers to Out Of Character, which means the stuff you know, do etc.

If accepted, do you promise to be active?: Yes, Indeed, I do.

[How Will You Help]

How can i get Job?: You can get a job from the City Hall, it is showed up as the red dot on the F11 map. When you go to the city hall, you can right click the NPC, and select the job as you desire.

Skype: ttuncay999

Thank you.


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