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Vito Lombardozzi's maffia faction request

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Vito Lombardozzi's maffia faction request Empty Vito Lombardozzi's maffia faction request

Post  sweenix Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:28 am

•Name of your Faciton - Gambino Crime Family

•Detailed Description of your faction:
A long time ago when Vito Lombardozzi whas still a little child, he whas always with this dad named Joe Lombardozzi. Vito always admired the work of his dad, he earned alot of money had alot of friends, but also alot of enemy's. Thats exacly what Vito wanted also alot of friends, alot of money but how? Couple of years later Joe Lombardozzi had arranged a big shipment wich contained alot of guns, He asked Vito Lombardozzi if he wanted to come along, Vito wanted that so bad so he came with Joe Lombardozzi and some other high ranked maffia members. Joe had the money ready and he wanted to take the boxes full of guns, suddenly some other familie came also and tryed to whack the Lombardozzi's, They failed to whack all of us but they killed Joe Lombardozzi, the head of Gambino Crime Family. Gambino Crime family whas out of busniss for a couple of years, and all the members of Gambino Crime Family went they own way, they had alot of money bought cars they wanted and bought houses they wanted, we all splitted up. Vito Lombardozzi went to Los Santos to start over a new life. He had no money at all, all he have is the expensive suit from his dad Joe Lombardozzi. After some years living in Los Santos Vito met some italian guys who were in the same busniss like Joe Lombardozzi whas. So i know how they worked and what they did, they saw that i whas a good person for their family and invited me to the boss, Vito worked his ass off for the family and gained higher and higher ranks. Finally he whas the right hand of the boss of the family. Vito didn't liked him at all, so he made up a waterproof plan. The boss whas old and sick, Vito ordered some drugs from the Grove Street and put it in the boss his drink. The boss died, nobody could find out what the reason whas. Vito told the other high ranked members of the family that the boss wanted that Vito would be the new Boss off the family.
And thats how it started.

•Pictures of your faction members RPing are a Plus: None, i'll make them as soon i get members in the maffia.

•Is your faction Legal, Illegal, or Government?: Illigal ofcourse.


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