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Pilot License - Application Format [OPEN]

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Pilot License - Application Format [OPEN] Empty Pilot License - Application Format [OPEN]

Post  Admin Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:25 am

Pilot License - Application Format [OPEN] 34xjiw0
Prices of the application:

Rules and Format...

Government Employees (If you are employed by...)
  • $50,000 || Los Santos Police Department
  • FREE || San Andreas Police Department
  • FREE || Government of Los Santos
  • $50,000 || Los Santos Fire Department
  • $50,000 || Los Santos Medical Services

  • $50,000 || Private Pilot License (Used for Private Aircraft/Helicopters)

Rules IC & OOC

  • If you are interested in getting a pilots licenses, please review the following useful tips / rules.. If you are caught abusing your licenses it will be taken from you. If you fly a helicopter without a licenses you will be admin jailed.
  • Asking or PMing about your Application will result to an instant-denial. Please be patient. You are allowed to ask about the application after 5 days of no reply.
  • You can not purchase a Helicopter or Airplane without a license
  • If there is not a dedicated area for landing, you can not land there. (Do not land in the street)
  • Normal Helicopters and Airplanes maintain a 35,000 Ft Distance from the ground unless they are landing. Do not fly too low.
  • You must request permission to take off / land using /air prior to taking off, and prior to landing. Failure to request permission may result in you being shot down, and CK'd.
  • Use Common sense. If you do not have good common sense, then do not apply.
  • Do not land on areas without proper permissions.

Breaking of any of these terms and agreements will result in the removal of your license and permanently DENIED for future references.

FAILURE to copy the correct format will lead to your application being shredded!

Create a new thread HERE - with the title "[Pilot License Application] - Full Name

[B][U][COLOR=#DAA520][SIZE=4]Phase I - General Information[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]

Full name:
Date of Birth:
Phone Number:
Do you have previous flying experience?:
Do you currently work for the government? If so, who for:

[B]1. Intentions for the Pilots License?[/B]

[B]2. What are you signing up for? [ ] Planes - [ ] Helicopters (You can select both)[/B]

You will be called within a week to take the test for your pilots license. The cost for the licenses is $50,000.00, Please bring that with you at the time of the test. (Government Employees may get it for free since they are sponserd.


[B][U][COLOR=#DAA520][SIZE=4]Phase II - Summarized Agreement[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]
By filling out this application you [B][COLOR=#008000]AGREE[/COLOR][/B] to not misuse the aircraft or flying dangerously in any way. You also understand that your criminal history will be checking into to verify that your not a convicted felon.

OOC Section
  • You need at least 10 hours in-game on that character before applying for the license. (Excepts can be made)
  • If you belong to a illegal faction and that character is applying, you will be Denied.
  • Your admin history as long with your criminal IC history will be checked. If you have admin jails for Non RP, you will be Denied.


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